Class Information

When are my Sparks classes?

How to find out the date and times of your Sparks classes

  1. Log in to My Account

For help logging in please see How Do I Log In

  1. Select My Classes

  2. There are 3 tabs:

Current - if this is blank, it means you have not completed your registration to join a current class programme

Upcoming - this shows classes that are currently booked and the Next Class Date and Time

Past - this will show you all previous classes you have had with Sparks

You can also take a look at your Welcome Email, which will have details of your booking.

Which Class Do I Book?

Here is a simple breakdown of our classes.

Please be aware that not every Sparks film school operates all classes/studios. Individual film schools may have waiting lists.

Please only book for classes where you meet the age criteria. We take our child safeguarding and our health and safety standards very seriously. Please be aware that we may refuse and cancel bookings where your child does not meet the age criteria.

Studio 1

Ages 5 - 7 (School Years 1 and 2)

Please note that we don't currently accept children in Reception to join Studio 1. If your child is still in Reception, please contact us to join the Studio 1 waiting list.

Studio 2

Ages 7-9 (School Years 3 and 4)

Please note: Studio 2 participants must have started Year 3 or above

Studio 3

Ages 9 - 11 (School Years 5 and 6)

Please note: Studio 3 participants must have started Year 5 or above

Studio 4

Ages 11-14 (School Years 7-9)

Please note: Studio 4 participants must have started Year 7 or above

Studio 5

Ages 14-18 (School Years 10-13)

Please note: Studio 5 participants must have started Year 10 or above.

Where can I find details of Holiday Camps?

If you take a look in the Class Finder, you'll find details of holiday camps available at your local Sparks film school.

You can also take a look at the main Sparks website. Take a look at your nearest film school here, you'll find details of all upcoming classes and camps, as well as how to contact them on their page.

If you've already booked for a holiday camp and you're searching for more information, please get in touch with your local Sparks office or check your emails for a Welcome pack.

Credits for Cancelled Classes

What credit do I receive if Sparks cancels a class?

Sparks will only ever cancel a class as a last resort, where it is unavoidable. We'll always do our best to reschedule any cancelled classes to ensure that Sparks members do not miss out.

In the event of any cancellations, the system will credit your account a pro rata amount in respect of that cancellation and then adjust your monthly payment automatically, so that your balance is always up to date.

I'm Unwell, Should I Attend?

It is the responsibility of each parent or guardian of the child to ensure that the Sparks member is fit and well enough to participate.

Any class member known to be or found to be suffering from any infectious ailment or condition will not be allowed to participate and Sparks will not accept liability for any infection passed to a member by another.

As a guiding principle, if your child is feeling unwell enough that you're likely to miss school, please do not attend until feeling well again.

If experiencing any of the symptoms associated with Covid-19, please do not attend. Please see our section on Covid-19 for further guidance.